Exquisite Corpse Workshops at Leal School and Urbana Free Library

October 15, 2014

This fall we will give workshops to introduce composition to children and teens in an interactive, engaging way.  We will perform the Exquisite and Sonorous Corpses, a set of game pieces by John Cage, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, Virgil Thomson, and Frank Wigglesworth (arranged by James Moore) and then isolate bits of the pieces for students to re-arrange in their own order.  We will then perform these student-made pieces for the participants to hear their compositions.

The original Corpses were based on a game used by French Surrealist artist and writers where one person starts the work and conceals all or most of what they’ve drawn/written and the next artist must do the same until it is passed around to everyone.  The result is a piece with strong contrasts and playful juxtapositions.

Leal Public School Workshop
We will present the workshop to April Blacker’s 2nd grade music students and also explain the features of our instruments as part of their Arts Infusion program.

Urbana Free Library, 3pm
As part of UFL’s Teen Open Lab, we will introduce students to the revolutionary and experimental methods of John Cage and composers of his time and perform the Exquisite Corpses, explaining how they each was made.  Then students will get a chance to make their own piece and have it played by our trio.

Come out, make new works, and hear them played!

Paid for in part by a City of Urbana Arts Grant



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