Concert of Odd and Classic Works

We’re organizing our first evening-length concert of beautiful and unconventional works.  It will include the peculiarly melodic piece that originally brought us together – Hans Werner Henze’s Carillon, Recitatif, and Masque – as well as two commissions for the ensemble, solos for each instrument, and a workshop performance of a little known collaborative work between John Cage, Virgil Thomson, Lou Harrison, and Henry Cowell.

The new works being written for the trio are by Nomi Epstein and Lainie Fefferman.  Nomi Epstein is a Chicago composer who writes spacious works with sounds uttering from instruments in unique ways.  Lainie Fefferman, of New York, writes works that range from neo-minimalist to hard rock and has composed a piece titled Attara with much movement and idiosyncratic rhythmic placements.  Both are sure to be exciting additions to the repertoire for the ensemble.

Exquisite or Sonorous Corpses is a collection of miniature pieces composed collaboratively by John Cage, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, and Virgil Thomson in the early 1940s. The pieces were written in the style of the surrealist game of the same name: Each composer took turns writing single measures of the same composition, with little or no information about eachother’s contribution. The result is a fantastic, contorting collage of musical ideas for unspecified instrumentation. James has been researching these amazing pieces for the past four years, and has arranged a few of them for Noble Fowl as a workshop towards future realizations of the entire set.

On harp, Claire will perform movements from R. Murray Schafer’s solo harp piece Crown of Ariadne – a piece in which the harpist is surrounded by percussion instruments woven throughout the piece.  James will perform Gorgamor the Giant Gecko for solo banjo by Matthew Welch, a composer whose influences are spread all the way from Celtic music to Indonesian gamelan, minimalism, and rock. And finally, Jeremy will perform Martin Bresnick’s Bag O’ Tells for solo mandolin, a work which explores the music of four different  cultures – the Russian Balalaika in Catacomb, the African thumb piano in Mbira, the Canzona on the Italian song style in which a repeated note begins each phrase, and the Latin American dance, La Bamba, known to all mavens of ’60s pop music.

And it all fits on one concert that should be less than an hour in length.  Please come!  You’ll get your fill of new and interesting things for the month of August.  Below are the details:

Saturday, August 21, 2010 – 7:30pm; Wicker Park Art Center – Chicago, IL
Reception to follow provided by Sultan’s Market ($10/online; $15/door; students/seniors – $10/door )

Sponsored in part by the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and Ray’s Bucktown Bed & Breakfast

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