The Noble Fowl Trio – harp, guitar, and mandolin – is dedicated to commissioning and performing works for this diverse combination of instruments.

Come to our upcoming installation and performance!

October 18th
6-9pm Installation
9-9:30pm little concert

206 W. Main St.
Urbana, IL

We are presenting an installation in downtown Urbana that puts performances in the context of visual art, allowing the audience to walk around freely and experience works in relationship to each other.   Along with performers Whitney Ashe, Laura Chiaramonte, and others, we will play Nomi Epstein’s work Mandolin, Guitar, Harp at intervals throughout the 3-hour installation.  Visual artist Jess Kiel-Wornson will also present her work in the space in which performers will move and play.

At 9pm, there will be a short, spirited concert by our Trio of works by Lainie Fefferman and Hans Werner Henze.  And then enjoy lovely libations with wonderful people – should be a good time!



Why the name ‘Noble Fowl Trio’?  Well, we were working with the idea of things that are plucked because of the nature of our own instruments and that brought us to poultry of all sorts.  As we read about different birds, we found a passage about a ‘Columbian Fowl’ that is described as “a noble fowl, presenting the appearance of a cross between Spanish and Malay, but supposed to be a distinct breed.”  We felt that the term noble was a healthy aspiration and that our breed of chamber music was distinct in its combination, so we took it on as our own.